Howard Hughes chose Roddis Mills, located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, a company of national renown for its quality wood products. Hughes asked the company to build the structural plywood for the Spruce Goose. We helped make that historic flight possible by engineering the lightest and strongest structural plywood possible. The British government also heard about Roddis Mills and specified our structural plywood for their Mosquito Bomber Squadrons. We're proud of our historic accomplishments. You see, it was quality then and its quality now that separates Roddiscraft Custom Wood Windows and Doors from the competition.

These days, we're called RoddisCraft and we operate a wood window and door manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When the classic beauty of wood and the latest in energy efficient technologies are needed to compliment a building project the leading design architects specify Roddiscraft Wood Windows & Doors.

When the design requires custom configurations, structural integrity, acoustic or thermal properties, and weather resistant natural wood finishes, the architects come to the company they can trust for the highest quality results.

Please spend a few moments to look through our CADfolio and evaluate the way our products are put together. Read our specifications and see for yourself. We're sure you'll agree with the leading design architects and satisfied clientele who have helped to spread the word when they say...

"When the highest quality counts we specify Roddiscraft".

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